K9 CleanCoats take a trip to Finland

K9 CleanCoats recently took a trip to Finland.  On the 3rd September, we attended the joint Dalmatian, Landseer & St Bernard Specialty Dog Shows, where Chris was judging the Dalmatians.  On the 4th September, we attended Riihimaki International All Breed Dog Show.

Loviisa Dog Show

The joint dog show was held at Loviisa, south-eastern Finland.  Happily, we arrived the day before & were shown around by one of the organizers, Anti Kalanti.  We were so fortunate with the weather throughout our trip, which allowed us to do a lot of walking & cycling around.  The night before, we enjoyed a meal with committee members & the other judges & their partners.

Thankfully, Saturday 3rd September was a warm, sunny day. We were driven up to the trotting-track where the show was to be held. The rings were spacious & level.  I left Chris to judge his large entry to go off & promote my K9 CleanCoats.

Chris on a trip to Finland

Many of the exhibitors had already seen K9 CleanCoats on Facebook as dog show people around the world post them on their FB pages.  The dog show world is a very small one. I was glad to be able to put a face to the name though as people can still be wary about buying online, especially from abroad.  Dog owners in Finland struggle to keep their dogs clean, warm & dry even more than us in the UK, given their colder climate.

After all the judging, most people stayed behind for a delicious BBQ.  The food throughout our trip was superb. I loved the black bread & fish soup.

Riihimaki International

On the Sunday, we attended an all-breed international dog show.  Chris was drawn back to the Dalmatian ring. However, I was working, & tried to get round as many of the breed rings I could before we were taxied back to Helsinki.

I saw some fabulous Dandies & Skye Terriers, & particularly enjoyed meeting the beautiful Finnsky dogs. However, spent most of my time at the Spaniel rings with some gorgeous Yankees & English Springers. The lead of the Junior Bitch was thrust into my hands as the Best Bitch was called & I made my debut as an International Handler!

The one I’d have brought home from our trip was Diva, a Veteran Bitch by Mompesson Royal Destiny.

best bitch on a trip to Finland

You can see lots of English Springers wearing K9 CleanCoats here.

This 6-day trip was hard work, but we met some lovely people & dogs.