More about K9 CleanCoats. My show dogs have always lead very active, outdoor country lives and, as a consequence, I’ve struggled to keep their coats clean & dry.

Dirty Toto

Despite a good towel drying, I used to hate going off to work in the morning leaving damp dogs shivering in their baskets, and putting cold, wet dogs in the car after a long day shooting. I could never find winter dog coats or dog onesies that actually fitted them. If they were the correct length along the back, they were wrong on the legs, so through real necessity I designed my own bespoke, tailored K9 CleanCoats® to be truly functional dog all in ones (dog trouser suits).

During the aftermath of hurricane Bertha, Toto’s waterproof dog coat with legs & a hood proved invaluable!

Dog bodysuit to keep dog clean and dry

Customers with elderly, short-coated breeds have found K9 CleanCoats® useful as fleece dog onesies to keep their dogs cosy during the night. They are also a god send for keeping bathed dogs clean until show day, or for walking into showgrounds in the wet & keeping them warm until they go in the ring.

Gunner and His Trophies, K9 Cleancoats

They have helped me keep my dogs’ coats in lovely condition, which has no doubt contributed to their success in the show ring.

There is sufficient stretch in the dog bodysuit to make it easy to put on, move with the dog and allow it to stay in place when the dog is running around. K9 CleanCoats® are practical, lightweight, breathable designer dog coats that can be washed in the machine on a cool, gentle wash. Tumble drying is not advisable or required – they are almost dry when they come out of the washing machine. Once they are dry, most of the muck shakes off without the need for washing – they are not fashion garments, they are dog coats for winter. If the fleece becomes torn, it will not run. A wash & repair service is available on request.


They can also be made in protective Kevlar for Biker Dogs to use in motorcycle side-cars or boxes. Prices start at £68.

K9 CleanCoats specialises in dog coats for large dogs, or those of an unusual shape!

K9 CleanCoats® must not be used on dogs working or playing in deep water as the fabric will be weighted down by water.

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