BBC Taster Film

We had a week of excitement before Christmas when I received a telephone call from Twofour, a TV production company in London interested in making a BBC Taster Film involving K9 CleanCoats.

The BBC are interested in commissioning a 6-week documentary on UK inventors & creators who have patented a new product.  A major UK high street retailer is on board to work alongside the creators with the aim of developing the product, whereby it can be mass produced & sold on High Street shelves.

Twofour is in the process of producing a “taster episode” for consideration by the BBC.  Toto & I took part in a recorded Skype interview about the creation & development of K9 CleanCoats.

A sample K9 CleanCoat was sent down for inclusion in filming with the other unique products being considered.  All this was on top of getting the last Christmas orders sewn up, embroidered & sent out!

I don’t think that K9 CleanCoats will lend itself to becoming a mass produced type of business.  Its success has been the unique size & colour of every coat, purchased by people who just want something that actually fits their own dog.  However, it’s been flattering to have been involved so far & who knows what it may lead to in the future….