Chris Packham K9 CleanCoats & ticks

Just a reminder about Chris Packham K9 CleanCoats & ticks.

Chris Packham K9 CleanCoats & ticks

The BBC’s Chris Packham has done much to highlight the problem of ticks on dogs on television and in the Press.  Bites from them often lead to the highly debilitating & painful Lymes Disease in dogs & their people.

Chris Packham ordered two, made-to-measure, white K9 CleanCoats for his black Miniature Poodles, Itchy & Scratchy. He wanted to highlight the ticks on his dogs when they came out of the woods near his home in the New Forest.

Before ticks become engorged with blood they are quite tiny. On black dogs, in particular, ticks are especially difficult to see. Hence his white colour-choice.

You may be interested in watching Chris’s webchat here advising about ticks & fleas on dogs.  In addition to Lymes Disease, dogs in the Harlow area have been contracting Babesiosis.  This has been blamed on a relaxation in European pet travel restrictions and it can be fatal for dogs.

Chris Packham K9 CleanCoats & ticks

These lightweight, micro-fleece K9 CleanCoats can still be used to keep dogs warm, clean & dry.  This fabric, like the polar fleece, is breathable & stretchy.  However, it is not as water-resistant as the standard K9 CleanCoat fabric.

As well as being used as a shell suit against ticks, I use this lightweight fabric to make bodysuits for dogs who suffer with grass & pollen allergies and for dogs who are very heavily coated.

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