Clean, dry pets in K9 CleanCoats

It’s not just show dogs who benefit from these, there are now hundreds of clean, dry pets in K9 CleanCoats worldwide.

Poodle crosses

In the last few years, I’ve come across just about everything crossed with a Poodle.  They are always real cuties, but when all that Poodle hair grows through they are high maintenance to keep clean & dry!  Then, don’t forget, there’s all the pulling the bits out of their coats after walks…

Labradoodles & Goldendoodles

Labradors & Golden Retrievers are often crossed with Poodles.  These are the largest Poodle crosses to own made-to-measure K9 CleanCoats.  See more on our Facebook page.

Small Poo crosses

Then there are the small Poos who are clean, dry pets in K9 CleanCoats.

Cavapoos & Cockapoos

Then of course there are the most popular crosses by far, the Cavalier & Cocker Spaniel crosses.

Lhasa Apsos & Shih Tzus

Bespoke K9 CleanCoats are also very popular amongst Lhasa Apsos & Shih Tzu owners too, both for long-coated & shaved off dogs.  Their hairy little tummies are so close to the ground, that wearing a K9 CleanCoat saves such a lot of washing & drying of dirty dogs.

Lots more breeds…..

So many other breeds & types of dogs are now wearing made-to-measure K9 CleanCoats, both to help stay clean & dry & to act as coveralls from grass/pollen allergen.  With the 4 full-length legs, hood/snood & optional tail cover, virtually all the dog is covered.  They are even made in Kevlar now for dogs travelling in motorcycle side-cars & on trikes.

There are hundreds more photos of clean, dry pets in K9 CleanCoats both in the Gallery of the K9 CleanCoats website & on the Facebook page.