Dog Drying Coat from Blair Horse Trials

Nearly 3 weeks ago, I had a lovely day watching Cross-Country with my bestie, Tinka.  Tinka started the day in her tartan K9 CleanCoat as the long grass was wet & her legs are very short.  I planned to shop for a Dog Drying Coat.

dog coats at Blair Horse Trials

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We started the day at the Aberdeen Angus burger stand,  to give us the sustenance we’d require to walk around the hilly course.  The day soon warmed up & the grass dried, so Tinka was able to take off her K9 CleanCoat.

During the course of the day, we met lots of other nice dogs who were similarly disinterested in all the horsey-stuff, but were enjoying the walk & all the new sniffs!

We did spend most of the day out on the course, with the Mummies watching people they knew riding around.  However, on the stroke of 4pm, we got down to some serious business in the tradestands – donuts & shopping.

Rough & Tumble Dog Drying Coat

My Mummy has been considering getting me a dog drying coat to put on after my weekly bath for ages.  She went for this one because it is double-thickness & fitted over the loin.  I like the really wide adjustable belly strap to cover the whole of my hairy little tummy & the hood to cover my long, hairy spaniel ears (just like my K9 CleanCoats).

Towards the end of every  week, there are hairy show dogs the world over being bathed for a dog show somewhere at the weekend.

Dog Drying Coat

Using my new Rough & Tumble Dog Drying Coat, I’ve found I’m lovely & snug inside while Mum cleans up the bathroom, & it helps my body coat dry while she blasts my feet & legs with the hairdryer first. We were astonished that when it’s taken off it is dry inside – all the wet wicks away!

Dog Drying Coat

I like the idea too that if I put it on cool & damp it will cool me on hot days, particularly when travelling home from summer shows.

Just like K9 CleanCoats, this is another product that makes life easier for us show dogs (& our Mummies). I recommend you have a look at the Ruff & Tumble Drying Coats for Dogs Facebook page & website:

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