Dog suffering with Alopecia

I have recently made a K9 CleanCoat for a dog suffering with Alopecia.  I was contacted by Fran Chivers, down in Wiltshire.  Her aged Toy Poodle, Bob, has lost his hair over the last year & is now almost completely bald. The onset followed major dental surgery.

Fran approached K9 CleanCoats following a recommendation on the Facebook Group, Poodle Passion.  Her requirements were a bit different to the norm.  As well as a complete bodysuit, with 4 long legs & a hood/snood, she also required a tail-piece.  Toto & I said we’d have a go, & considered how best to incorporate a tail cover that would not irritate the dog or impede him going to the toilet.


Drawing up a design for a dog suffering with Alopecia

Living at opposite ends of the UK from each other, we had to work on the measurements & photographs Fran sent us.

Although Bob’s appearance is quite shocking at first glimpse, he still enjoys his food & walks out with his Poodle pals.  His real problem is feeling the cold & wet and that is something that Toto & I could help with.

The prototype

A prototype was considered, drawn up, cut out & sewn.  It looked so tiny, but I had to trust Fran’s measurements.  I told her I’d be happy to alter, if required.

When the parcel arrived, Fran said she was scared to open it.  We’ve all had big disappointments with mail-order!  However, she said as soon as she opened it she knew it would fit him.

As soon as it was on, he was very happy in it, strutting his stuff & wagging his tail. Fran said he seemed as pleased as punch!  He then product tested it out on a long walk with his friends & his stick, then indoors as PJs.  He did not find it wanting!

It has been our complete pleasure to get this little dog kitted out with a bespoke, made-to-measure K9 CleanCoat.  At 12 years old there is no reason, given his breed, why he should not last another 5 years plus.  It’s great that he can enjoy the final years of his life in warmth & comfort. The colour-scheme of his second K9 CleanCoat is already under consideration.

Dog suffering with Alopecia