Becki Ensell has just done a 5* Review on Google

Thank you Beckie for this 5* Review on your Dog Coat for Lillen.  K9 Clean Coats Review – Dog Coats made to measure. Read the review below:

K9 Clean Coats Review on Dog Coat

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“Excellent quality and service. I found Aileen after seeing a Dalmatian wearing a k9 clean coat at a show. I thought it looked amazing and was even more excited by the choice of colours available.

I was fortunate enough to have Aileen measure my girl up for her coat at a show, but I’ve also had friends buy coats off her since, using her measuring guide and they found it simple to follow.

When it arrived I loved the quality of the material and the work that had gone into it.

She offers an adjustment service if needed but the fit was perfect.

We have used it for keeping my Dalmatian clean on the way to the shows but its main use has been as her pj’s in the winter. I was covering her up at night with her blanket but she would loose it as she moved around and then get cold. She would then come and wake me up and I’d have to, several times a night, recover her. The k9 Cleancoat has meant we both get a snuggley nights sleep all the way through. On extra cold nights the hood is long enough to pull over her ears for that extra bit of warmth.

Lots of my friends have seen her coat and purchased one for their dogs. They use them for cleanliness, warmth or fashion. They are brilliant for keeping long coats and spaniel ears tucked away in muddy walks and the design is totally non restrictive on the movement. It’s brilliant to watch the bright designs on my friends dogs racing around the fields lol. In short, we love our k9 Cleancoats.”

I really appreciate anyone taking the time to do a K9 Clean Coats Review,