K9 CleanCoat Bath Launch

July 2017 saw the K9 CleanCoat Bath Launch. To see more information on the website, click here.

K9 CleanCoat Bath Launch



People regularly ask if K9 CleanCoats are helpful to dry wet dogs. However, they were actually designed in 100% rain-resistant fabric to keep dogs clean & dry.  I purchased a microfibre towel to help dry my very hairy American Cocker Spaniel, Toto, on bath days.  It did cover his back, but that was the very least of my worries.  It did not cover his hairy tummy, legs, chest & ears.


Even the K9 CleanCoats dog, Toto, gets caught out in the rain sometimes, or takes a dive in the river. Using my patented design with a high quality microfibre towelling, I have created a made-to-measure full bodysuit to help speed up the drying of wet dogs.  It prevents a dog chilling after it has been walking or working in the rain, having a bath or a visit to the Hydrotherapy Pool.

K9 CleanCoat Bath

Standard Long-haired Dachshund Mickey is a show dog

The K9 CleanCoat Bath saves hours of blow-drying hairy show dogs.  Put the first dog in one to dry whilst you bath the second dog.  It is a useful product too for when you are staying away in the caravan, when there are limited drying facilities.

Product Testing

I am very grateful to World Class Dog Groomers, Becki & Pete Ensell, for product testing a made-to-measure K9 CleanCoat for their Kerry Blue Terrier, Octavia – “V”.  This is their video, showing “V” having her bath, playing around in her K9 CleanCoat Bath whilst drying, then how much of the water has been absorbed in the K9 CleanCoat Bath.

K9 CleanCoat Bath

The beautiful Octavia – “V”

Hairy Hounds

The K9 CleanCoat Bath is ideal for people with hairy breeds, as all that leg, chest, tummy, neck, head & ear feathering is inside the towelling bodysuit, assisting dry the dog & protecting upholstery.


The order form is on the Measurement page of the website.  The K9 CleanCoat comes in sky blue only.