K9 CleanCoats assist with car sickness

Although made-to-measure K9 CleanCoats were designed to keep me clean, warm & dry, they are being used by many dogs who suffer from grass/pollen allergies, Contact Dermatitis and Alopecia X.  See the Home page of the website for uses of K9 CleanCoats.

This week I made one up for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pippin, who suffers badly from car sickness.  She is a gorgeous show girl and has very long, hairy ears and lots of chest and leg feathering.  So, you can understand her peoples’ frustration arriving at a show to find her matted up & sticky with sick & saliva!

Where we met Pippa:

I met up with her at the Northern Cavalier Club’s Championship Show at Stafford Showground on the 7th of August. We measured her there.

Cavalier in K9 CleanCoats

Here she is in her new ankle-length, made-to-measure onesie.  When travelling, her ears can be tucked inside the snood.  Normally, I elasticate the ankles. However, Pippa’s legs are so fine the hole would have been so tiny her Dad would have found it tricky to put on. Therefore, the leg tapering has been done for his convenience.  (Her Mum would have managed fine!)

If this K9 CleanCoat had purely been for travelling, it would have been made in a lightweight, breathable micro-fleece. However, Pippin lives in the north east of England and will also use it when she is out & about on rainy days to stay clean & dry. It is made in the standard polar fleece fabric, which is 100% rain & mid-resistant.

As a point of interest, the belt or surcingle on a bitch coat goes all the way along her tummy to her turn of stifle.  This means her tummy is well covered up on dirty, wet walks.

Finally, from past experience with the itchy allergy dogs, I know that dogs do feel pacified & comfy curled up inside these onesies. Hopefully, Pippa’s K9 CleanCoat will make her feel less inclined to be travel sick on long journeys.

Toto x