K9 CleanCoats was at Crufts

K9 CleanCoats was at Crufts 9-12 March 2017. I had pre-arranged to measure up dogs from 8am each day. Although I do most of my measuring on Skype or over the telephone these days, it was fun to touch base with lots of existing customers who wanted additional coats.  See why they are so popular on the “What Our Clients Say” page of the website, & Facebook Reviews.

Wearing new navy trousers to measure on Terrier day was a mistake. There was more hair on them than the benches by the time I’d measured Skyes & Westies!

K9 CleanCoats snapped walking in

The Mail Online had a field day on Gundog day. Maggie, a Clumber Spaniel, was reported as “looking mischievous”! Hugo, an Irish Red & White Setter was described as a “Mulit-coloured superstar”!  Can’t tell who the Irish Setters are, with their hoods up.  Jo Cunliffe’s English Springers got a look in too.  For lots more photos of dogs in K9 CleanCoats, click here.

I was disappointed not to make my 8am appointment with 2 Borzois on Hound Day. Someone had forgotten to post their entry!  I was pleased to see Dylan, a Clumber Spaniel, who is now in his second K9 CleanCoat.

It was good to catch up with the Beardie crowd on Pastoral Day & see young Charlie in his new K9 CleanCoat.  There is lots of information about K9 CleanCoats on the website.

Late on Gundog Day I managed to catch up with Glenys Harrison, who had re-homed my late friend & client Eileen Speich’s American Cocker Spaniel, Sunny.  It was great to see him looking so slim & he must feel better for having lost a lot of his profuse coat.

Glenys & Sunny

It was lovely to finish the 4 long days with a Champagne party to celebrate Old English Sheepdog Harry achieving Champion status. The cake was as good as it looks.  He’s recently had his third made-to-measure K9 CleanCoat from me, having worn them since he was a youngster. His little daughter had done very well earlier in the day, & she recently got her first K9 CleanCoat.

Harry's celebration

That’s it all over again for another year……..