K9 CleanCoats for Long & Low

I often get orders for K9 CleanCoats for long & low dogs who struggle to get anything off the peg to fit.  The problem with these types of dogs is their length of body is way out of proportion to their very short legs.  This results in their tummies always being wet and mucky, which cannot be comfortable for them on a daily basis, or ideal when they come indoors on to the furniture.

Stumpy, who is something of a legend in the Dandie Dinmont world & big mate of Clare Balding!

What are K9 CleanCoats for Long & Low

K9 CleanCoats are made-to-measure bodysuits, with ankle-length legs, a hood/snood and an optional tail cover.  The hood/snood is worn like a polo-neck, but can be pulled up on really cold, wet days.  They come in polar-weight fabric, which is 100% rain-resistant, or a lightweight micro-fleece.  I have a selection of over 60 different colours, including tartans, which you can see on the Fabrics page of the website.

These are some of my little Long & Low clients:

You can see many more photos of dogs in K9 CleanCoats on the Facebook page.