K9 CleanCoats to protect Motorhomes, Caravans, Cars & Boats

I regularly get orders for K9 CleanCoats to protect Motorhomes, Caravans, Cars & Boats.  As much as we love our dogs, sometimes their hair can be a real nuisance, particularly if you are trying to keep your home or vehicle in good condition!

Springador, Rosie, enjoying a day on the boat

What is a K9 CleanCoat

A K9 CleanCoat is a made-to-measure bodysuit for your dog, so it actually fits!  It has 4 full-length legs, with a hood/snood and an optional tail cover. It can be made in either polar fleece, or lightweight micro-fleece, in a choice of over 60 different colours, including a selection of tartans.  You can see the choice on the Fabrics page of the website.

Mousse-Lee’s Jack Russell hairs go EVERYWHERE in the car…..

It is lovely to be able to go away for a few days and not have to worry about the lack of dog bathing facilities.  A bespoke K9 CleanCoat will help keep your dog clean & dry, protecting your upholstery, and warm in bed if it is sleeping out in the awning!

In addition to helping keep your dog clean & dry, the K9 CleanCoat will prevent that wet dog smell in the enclosed area – a plus when you are with non-dog people!

There is lots more information on the website, and the order form is on the Measurement page.  You will see many more photos on the K9 CleanCoats Facebook page.

K9 CleanCoats is now also making bodysuits for dogs who travel on motorbikes.  There is a made-to-measure Kevlar undersuit, then a polar-fleece bodysuit worn over the top.  See & hear more about that on the Home page of the website. There is a Link there to a radio interview I did, which will interest doggie bikers.