K9 CleanCoats for really big dogs

I am often asked to make K9 CleanCoats for really big dogs who cannot find anything off the peg.  Often, people say that their dogs don’t like wearing dog coats.  They certainly won’t if they do not fit well, & that is always the difficulty with really large dogs, like Hoolie the Komondor!

What makes K9 CleanCoats different

In every case, an individual pattern is made out for each K9 CleanCoat ordered, according to the measurements of your own dog.  It will have 4 full-length legs, a hood/snood & an optional tail cover.  The ankles will normally be elasticated at the cuff to prevent wet & dirt going up the leg.  The hood/snood is normally worn as a polo-neck to keep their neck covered when they roll.  However, on wet days it can be pulled up like a hood.  The tail cover is a useful addition when K9 CleanCoats are being worn to protect against grass/pollen allergies.

Why have a K9 CleanCoat

As much as we all love our dogs, sometimes there are some days you cannot afford the time for a dirty, smelly, wet dog!  I used to hate leaving my own dogs damp & shivering in their baskets on cold mornings after a quick towel down before I went off to work.  Life was simpler for us all if they could have their field walk but come home clean & dry.

This was my inspiration

Similarly, when we headed off to dog shows it was difficult to keep the dogs clean & dry until we got them ringside.  Staying with friends/family can be tricky if you have dirty, wet dogs too…..

Some of my larger clients

I have made lots of made-to-measure K9 CleanCoats for these large breeds in particular:

3 Leonbergers

There are many more photos on the K9 CleanCoats

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