K9 CleanCoats Thunder-in-the-Glens

With Thunder-in-the-Glens coming up over this coming weekend, thought I’d Blog about motorcycle safety for dogs. Back in March 2016, we used our Design Rights Protected design to pioneer the world’s first motorcycle bodysuits for dogs.  This was well covered in the UK’s National Press.

The Kevlar undersuit protects dogs riding in side-cars or on trikes should they end up coming off the bike.  Kevlar is a very tough, tear-resistant fabric.  It is used in traditional “human” motorcycle gear.

K9 motorcycle bodysuit

Steve Hawley & black Lab, Renee:

Steve contacted me as he wanted to take his best friend, Renee, on road trips in the side-car of his Royal Enfield.  We made Renee a yellow, made-to-measure Kevlar undersuit. To protect against the wind-chill, we made Renee a black with red tartan standard polar fleece K9 CleanCoat to go on top.

We travelled down to Stoneleigh to meet Steve & Renee and fit the coats.  Previously, Renee had lain down inside the side-car when Steve was driving along, presumably as she was cold although it is a slow bike.  Once she had her tough Kevlar & K9 CleanCoats on she stayed sitting up when the bike is moving along.  She must really turn heads, especially at traffic lights!

K9 motorcycle bodysuits

Associated Press came up from London to meet with us all to record a news slot.  The full film can be seen on the Home page of our website.  It has been popular on USA Today & NBC. Motorcycle dogs are more common in the US than the UK. Perhaps the weather has something to do with it.

Davey Beaton & Wilson:

Davey contacted me as he wanted a protective Kevlar undersuit for his Terrier, Wilson.  He also ordered a camouflage K9 CleanCoat to go on top to stop the wind-chill.

Fortunately, Wilson is a generous little soul & allowed me & Mum to have a go on his lovely trike.  There are indeed perks to every job!  This weekend At Aviemore, we will be meeting up with other biker dogs at Thunder-in-the-Glens.

Toto x

K9 motorcycle bodysuits