K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

In the middle of February, K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada, Andalusia. This came about as a result of sending a K9 CleanCoat over to the lovely Margaret & David Watson for their Standard Poodle, Nico.

We were keen to see Nico in the show ring & promote K9 CleanCoats to exhibitors attending the dog show.

We arrived in Granada 3 days in advance to do some sightseeing.  So often when attending shows, we never see anything outside the doors of the venue.

The Alhambra

We spent a fabulous day wandering around the “Red Castle” & its gardens, set high on the hillside above the city.

Its origins as a fortress can be traced back to at least the 9th century. The magnificent palace we saw did not begin to take shape until the 13th century.  It fell into ruin in the 18th century.

 The Science Park

This was another fascinating day spent outside of a dog show.  We thoroughly enjoyed the butterfly park, the Bio-Dome, the falconry display, the planetarium and the butterfly park.
K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

Carrefour, Granada

Our trip began to take a downturn when we popped into the Carrefour supermarket. Within the Pet Shop, there were a selection of very young, sad-looking puppies for sale under bright lights in glass tanks.

There was an older Beagle pup in a tank on its own. It was digging about furiously in the bedding – way too grown up to be confined within this tiny area.  I thought long & hard about complaining about their conditions to a store manager. However, the fact is that outside the store (& all the restaurants) were people begging for food, such is the harsh economic environment out there.  The pups did all have water & some dried meal.

Granada Dog Show – 18th & 19th February

Things got worse when we got to the dog show. We were shocked to see so many breeds with cropped ears & docked tails, banned in so much of Europe now.

We saw some very rough handling, filthy dogs in very poor condition & many left in crates in the sun without water or bedding.

We saw a desperately lame puppy being run around the practice ring that should have been resting at home.  Another puppy was scouring badly, stood next to its ambivalent owner. The final straw was when a couple of ex-pat Brits told us how they have a Spanish vet who de-barks their kennel of show Poodles to prevent their barking.
It was a relief to see all the American Cockers there were well-fed & cared for.


Granada was a great place for a short-break, but we will not be heading back to any Spanish dog shows anytime soon…..