Kilmarnock & District Canine Club

I hadn’t been to an Open Show in ages, but had a super day with my mum & dad on 3rd January at the Kilmarnock & District Canine Club Open Show.

A new venue

The Club were trying out a new venue, The Citadel Leisure Centre, Ayr. This was as a result of the closure of The Magnum Leisure Centre, Irvine. The Citadel had lovely big rings, all in the one hall, but the limited parking caught out some late arrivals.


My dad judged the Terrier & Utility Groups.  He saw some lovely dogs & his West Highland White Terrier Special Puppy winner won Best Special Puppy in Show.  I understand that he & my mum had a very tasty lunch after judging!

K9 CleanCoats

Dad was busy all day, so mum caught up with her friends & customers & promoted K9 CleanCoats to other show people.  She measured up 2 little pet Toy Poodles who will really enjoy being warm & dry when they receive their made-to-measure coats.  We also measured up a pet Havanese who’d arranged to meet us there while he was over from France on holiday. Apparently, where he lives in the suburbs of Paris there is a lot of pollution, so he needs a K9 CleanCoat to keep his long hair clean.  Watch out for photos of them on my K9 CleanCoats Facebook page.

My socialising

I worked my way around the show looking cute & scavenging treats, (& stealing some from open show bags).  I had little sausages, liver cake, all manner of biscuits & chicken.  It was a real surprise to me that I was not sick on the way home!  It is surprising how tiring all that socializing makes small dogs…..

Too tired to share the drive home……. Toto x[/caption]

A good day

All 3 of us really enjoyed our day.  There was a really friendly atmosphere at the show. Maybe as many people had been housebound, eating & drinking over the entirety of the holiday period, they were just really glad to get a day out!

Toto x