I am happy to help you measure-up your dog for its bespoke dog coat over Facebook Messenger Video, Skype or the telephone on evenings & at weekends, by arrangement. Local dogs are welcome to come to our home to be measured-up. 

My telephone numbers are at the top of the page. This is primarily an internet business, but I occasionally attend dog shows, where you can book an appointment for me to measure-up your dog personally at no extra charge. These shows are detailed on the Contact page.

Alternatively, watch the short video of me measuring Toto up for his dog coat, then provide the measurements (in inches, please). If I am going to be able to design you a comfortable, well-fitting, tailored dog coat for your dog, it is imperative I get as accurate measurements as possible. You will need a helper to stand in front of the dog, keeping it still, stood 4-square & cupping its chin to stretch the neck up for you. Unfortunately, there are not two dogs of the same breed the same size! I will compare the measurements you send me with other dogs of the same breed & age who I have already made coats for & get in touch with you if there is anything unusual.

measurement guide

A 1-2 length of hood – from eyebrows, over top of skull, down to where a loose choke chain would sit – not as far as shoulder blade

B 2-4 length of back – from where a loose choke chain would sit (not the shoulder blade as I say on the video), along the spine to the base of the tail – slightly lift tail to see the base

C 2-11 height – front – from spine at heighest point of wither, down side of shoulder, straight down to the ground

D 4-12 height – back – from spine of heighest point of loin straight down to the ground

E 2-7 length of belt – front – whole way round, like a chest measurement, allowing space for 3 fingers under the tape – to allow the dog sufficient reach & movement

F 3-8 length of belt – back – whole way round, the actual measurement around just in front of willy on male dogs, & slightly looser & further back at the waist for bitches

G 2-6 loose collar – where the body part joins on to the hood/neck – where a loose choke chain would sit, but not as far down as breast bone

H 9-10 length of elastic around a FRONT ankle – right around

I 1-5 length of elastic around the eyebrow on hood, & finally

J standing in front of the dog, width of chest from between inside of right leg to inside of left leg

K All the way around the top of the back leg, at the very top of the stifle – the muscliest part – with tape measure kept level & 2 fingers inside (so I know how wide to make trousers of back legs)

The throat to elbow measurement is no longer required

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