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Please watch the short video of me measuring Toto before you measure and have someone help you keep the dog still and stood 4-square. Measurements preferably in inches

Helpful Notes: Please let me know any of your dog's features that would help me with design, eg. Large feet, long back, sore ears, overweight.

Colour: What colour would you like your K9 CleanCoat? Select from the Fabrics page. It is made up of 4 separate parts: the body & back legs, front legs, hood/snood and finally the belt. These can all be one colour or a selection.

Embroidery: I can have the dog's name/Breeder affix embroidered on to the hip of the coat, like a racehorse's paddock sheet. It finishes the coat beautifully & costs £10.

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Timeline: Orders are normally despatched within 2-3 weeks. If there is a specific date for which you need the coat, please let me know & I will do my best to meet that.