Micro-fibre Towelling

K9 CleanCoat Bath®

I originally created K9 CleanCoats because, ideally, I do not want my very long-haired American Cocker Spaniel, Toto, to get wet & mucky, thus avoiding daily baths. However, even Toto gets caught out in the rain sometimes or takes a dive in the river, which is why I developed a K9 CleanCoat Bath dog coat!

Using my patented design with a high quality microfibre towelling, I have created a made-to-measure full dog bodysuit to help speed up drying of wet dogs & prevent chilling after a walk/working in the rain, baths or a visit to the hydrotherapy pool. It saves hours blow-drying hairy show dogs, especially if you have more than one, & will be really useful when dog people are away in the caravan with limited drying facilities. Order a sky blue K9 CleanCoat Bath dog-coat using the order form/measurement details on the Measurement page of the website.

A K9 CleanCoat Bath is ideal for people with hairy breeds, as all that leg, tummy, neck & head/ears hair is inside the towelling dog bodysuit, assisting dry the dog & protecting household/car upholstery! I will find it really useful for Toto once the shooting season starts again, he can have it put on when he comes off the hill and is travelling home in the car. Another plus, much of the detritus that sticks to his coat adheres to the inside of the K9 CleanCoat Bath!

I am hugely grateful to World Class Professional Dog Groomers Becki & Pete Ensell for product testing a K9 CleanCoat on their beautiful (hairy) Kerry Blue Terrier, Octavia, & for taking the time & trouble to video the process for me. Good Luck to Pete, who is off to the World Championships in October!

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