Fraser has got sebaceous adenitis and is going very bald but with his K9 clean coat on he can go out in any weather and keep warm and dry. Before he did not like going out in the rain but it does not bother him now.

Aileen went to great lengths to get him measured correctly and the coat soon arrived and fitted him perfectly.

Thank you for a great product.

Elaine Goulding, Standard Poodle, Staffordshire

Having bought off the peg fleeces for my dog from another leading brand, I can say with authority that Aileen’s K9CleanCoats makes the competition pale in comparison.

We’ve had our coats for about 6 months now. They fit really well, with long legs and a hood – which off the pegs don’t come with. Made with beautiful warm fabric and well put together, my girl LOVES her coats and dives in so fast, she can knock me over just trying to get cosy again.

We have 2 of Aileen’s coats for our Lurcher whippet cross who has quite thin hair coverage. 1 coat is for out doors & the other is used as her pj’s.

The coats wash really well and maintain their shape. The fabric doesn’t pile.

Another great thing about the coats is they keep her calm when she’s on her own or during a thunderstorm. There was a storm yesterday, and she just looked at me and curled up beside me, all chilled. So that was an unexpected benefit too and a definite improved response when compared with no coat!!

After some very fast (unauthorised) sheep chasing antics, we had to grab her quickly. Unfortunately, with all her pulling, one of her coats needed repaired. Totally our fault but Aileen was happy to fix it for us. Not only are her coats top quality, but she is great to deal with and super helpful.

Can’t recommend her enough!!

Not a great picture of the coat, but you can see how much of a happy doggy I have!!

Thanks so much Aileen.

Pam Aitken, Lurcher, East Kilbride

My elderly lurcher, Storm, has developed a bad skin allergy in the summer over the past few years, which we think is related to plants in our wild flower garden.
This involves red and itchy skin all over her stomach, legs and feet which has caused her to constantly bite herself leaving bald red patches all over her body which has had to be treated by steroids, antibiotics and antihistamines regularly over the summer months. Since we purchased 2 K9 clean coats made of a lightweight micro fleece, the problem has dramatically decreased and we can now go for several months over the summer with no acute flare ups of her allergy. Aileen @ K9 clean coats has provided a wonderful service, providing made to measure coats which have been made and delivered in record time when Storm’s allergy was at its worst. Aileen even provides an efficient repair service when necessary. Thank you Aileen!

Gill Shea, Lurcher, Manchester

As the owner of a 63kg Russian Black Terrier, and living in a farming community, Aileen’s coat has made a big difference to returning from wet muddy walks twice a day- they really are waterproof!!!
There have been a number of times I have reached the back door and thought no way our boy was going to be clean and dry, but he was.
I have owned many top brand dog coats and onesies over 20yrs in large breeds and after 3 months of use, K9 cleancoats really are superb.
It is never out of the washing machine and drys really quickly even at the size it is.
I intend ordering a second coat for one on and one drying.
Many thanks to Aileen and Toto for making mine and Biffs life easier.
Happy Dog and Happy owner!

Denise Dempster, Russian Black Terrier, Dumfries & Galloway

We have all spent far too much money on gadgets & gimmicks for our dogs, so to find one that was truly worth the money is a rarity! Our K9 CleanCoats really do what they say they will do; they keep the dogs clean & dry! More than that, the design allows our dogs to run & jump and do everything spaniels do on their muddy walk, and then come home clean! The coats do not restric their ability to enjoy life, but our house is saved the mess and their feathering remains clean – always a bonus with red & white dogs! Furthermore, the whole process was painless, Aileen talking us through the measurements to ensure the perfect fit. The dog coats arrived in a timely fashion too! Easy to wash & dry these coats should be an essential element for any dog owner. If only they did a version for our 2 sons! We can not thank Aileen enough and thoroughly recommend her products to you.

Tim & Honor HarrisonGlenbrows Welsh Springer SpanielsDerbyshire

Here are the dog coats for adjustment. Even before slight tweaking, I cannot say how wonderful they have proved to be. In fact, I’m finding it very hard to put them in the post to you, as even though we’ve only had them for a week, I can’t bear to be without them!!!!!  At Southern Counties Championship Show they were fantastic as it was so cold on the benches for the dogs, all the others were shivering, but Walter, Ivy & George were all cosy & warm.

Carol WestCocker SpanielsLeicestershire

Moyles wore his K9CleanCoat down the beach for the first time today and I could see every other dog saying to their owner “I want a K9 CleanCoat!” He loves it!

Val McLennanPugLossiemouth

Manchester was a good test of the dog onesie. We were splattered in mud on the way in and on the way out…..but Rio was clean as a whistle. The onesie however was covered in a fine spray of mud especially up the legs and belly area. Fabulous!! The mud was so bad being the 4th day of the show that we had to be towed out of our parking spot by a forklift! Have washed the onesie and it seemed to come out almost completely dry. Anyway could we go ahead and order Roxy’s clean coat
Rio was out for a free-run in his onesie today following a lot of rain. It was mega muddy …..and he loves mud! However all was well and apart from the paws he was clean and dry. Maybe I’ll get away without bathing him for this weekends show.
Really do appreciate all the time and trouble you’ve gone to – it’s a work of art and sure it will be of great practical benefit.

Tina ThomasGolden Retrievers Angus

Received Magic’s dog pyjamas, they are perfect. Have done an online payment plus a wee bit extra for a bottle of wine. Delighted with them.

Mark DunnachieDalmatianAyrshire

Just received my clean coat from Aileen Perry for Ella Bella. Aileen kindly let me try one and after a week put my order in for one. They are amazing! After exercising in the wet and the fact they are made to measure and don’t move I could have dried the paws and gone into the show ring. Best waterproof ever, have a look for yourself.

Edith Rose English Springer Spaniels Lanarkshire

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